From Pushcart to Powerhouse: How Loyalty Helped Fuel The Halal Guys' Growth

The Halal Guys has grown from a single New York City pushcart to a powerhouse brand with more than 350 stores open or in development. How did they do it? In this webinar you’ll hear from Andrew Eck, the Director of Marketing at The Halal Guys, as he discusses how their loyalty program helped fuel the brand’s evolution. 
The Halal Guys have created a culture that embraces technology and innovation which has allowed them to increase brand awareness, learn more about their guests, and improve the overall customer experience.
In this webinar you will learn:
  • How loyalty programs can fuel your brand’s growth
  • How to establish principles that support brand growth through loyalty initiatives
  • How your brand can adapt Halal Guys' key loyalty findings to your specific needs

Enjoy the webinar!